Romantic Pink Wedding

This lovely and stunning wedding was realized at the beautiful salon at the Marriott Hotel. Gabriela and Alex’s wedding was all pastel pink, gold and white theme inspired. There stunning details of pink and gold were this great combination of the romantic, happy and young love between this wonderful couple. There’s more of this breathtaking wedding bellow for you my wedding lovers.

Photographs by: Jose Ruíz Photography


GabrielaAlex-2 GabrielaAlex-3 GabrielaAlex-4 GabrielaAlex-5 GabrielaAlex-6 GabrielaAlex-9 GabrielaAlex-10 GabrielaAlex-13 GabrielaAlex-14 GabrielaAlex-15 GabrielaAlex-17 GabrielaAlex-18 GabrielaAlex-24 GabrielaAlex-26 GabrielaAlex-27 GabrielaAlex-28 GabrielaAlex-32 GabrielaAlex-33 GabrielaAlex-34 GabrielaAlex-37 GabrielaAlex-39 GabrielaAlex-40 GabrielaAlex-41.1 GabrielaAlex-41 GabrielaAlex-43.1 GabrielaAlex-43 GabrielaAlex-44 GabrielaAlex-45 GabrielaAlex-46 GabrielaAlex-51 GabrielaAlex-53 GabrielaAlex-54 GabrielaAlex-56 GabrielaAlex-58 GabrielaAlex-59 GabrielaAlex-60 GabrielaAlex-62 GabrielaAlex-65GabrielaAlex-33

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