Wedding Advise: Quick tips for the morning of your wedding


Hi my wedding lovers,

As a bride you’ve got a million & one things on your mind and the morning OF your big day is probably not one of them. And why would it be? You have to worry about wedding budget, finding a new home, find the perfect dress, the perfect color palette and much more.

As a Wedding Planner & a former bride even to me that I’m an expert in wedding planning, as a bride we forget to give us the time to enjoy the process. So here are some of my tips to enjoy your wedding day to the fullest and have fun and be real for your big day and you can start off your gorgeous day on the best note!


1) Choose Carefully  your Getting Ready Room. I can stress this enough, as a wedding planner I have seen so many of my brides that feel overwhelmed and stress because the size of their room is not right for the size for all the people that will be getting ready in the room. There’s nothing worse that a to small hotel room crammed with 16 people! This can get you a high anxiety situation. When choosing your getting ready room take this tips on consideration:

  • How far this it from the venue
  • We always recommend a room with a plenty of natural light (this will help a lot in your wedding pictures)
  • Think of the space and the layout of the room and decor. (For my wedding I book the presidential suite of La Concha, for few reasons
    • 1. It have a neutral and soft decor (So, they don’t distract in pictures and keep me felling calm & relaxed)
    • 2. The layout this suite have a living room with a plenty space to all my bridesmaids, moms, our makeup and hair stylist have the necesary space to work and my room was separately so even that I had so many people in my room I was avail to have a relaxed time on my own space)


2) Eat & Hydrated: One of the things that brides always forget and even happen to me on my wedding day was not having food on our room. Between your delicious mimosas, don’t forget to stay hydrated! and if you are not a water lover like me by nature use flavored water! you will have a long day, and water is going to you feel energized through the entire night and most importantly eat, and have food for your hair & makeup stylist and for all your bridesmaids. You don’t want to have anyone faints on your big day.


3) Have fun, Let go of perfection and remember why:  Well, let me tell you what make my day perfect and for so many of our brides too.

    • 1. Have Fun: Don’t take things to serious, have fun with your friends and family in the process of getting ready, have a playlist, have some gifts for your bridesmaids and sleep.
    • 2. Let go of perfection: Seeking of perfection on your wedding day or even in life will bring you a hi level of anxiety and stress. I have a “Mantra” for my life and in all what I do, and is counting the goodness. So I go in to every day looking for the best in people and situations, I try my best to not focus on the things that are not working and only focus my energy in the things that are amazing in my life and with my relationships. This help me to enjoy more about people and life in all situation. (And Believe me when you look for good things you will bring to you more good things)
    • 3. Remember Why: So many brides just forget why they are doing this, they are so focus on the planning process, on the flowers and what can get wrong and they forget about the meaning of this special day. Try to let go, and just remember why you are doing this.

There are so many other things you can do to help the morning of your wedding be stress-free & fabulous! Do any of these resinate with you?

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