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Sara & Archie

Sara & Archie wedding take place on the beautiful beach at the Marriott Courtyard Isla Verde  in a romantic setup in front of the beach. We take the time to thanks to our amazing team! Saul Padua for the beautiful pictures Lorraine Flowers for the beautiful decor and flowers CM cakes for our beautiful cake Dj

Tuesdays Together: July 7, 2015

Tuesdays Together is a about Community over Competition! Some of you know that on May the amazing girls at The Rising Tide Society select me as one of their leaders to spread there message about “Community Over Competition” and I’m so honored and happy to be part of this group of leaders around the world

Spring Wedding Ideas

Hi my wedding lovers!!! Today I want to share with you some of the beautiful inspiration for our spring weddings. A lot of flowers, beautiful shades of colors and shapes of flowers, combinations of ribbons and a lot of beautiful behind the sense of some of our projects.

BIG Announcement! Thankful and Blessed

Hi my Wedding Lovers!! Today I have a big announcement to make. For almost over 10 years in Business I dedicated all my effort and dedication to create beautiful weddings and events, I’m so proud of the work that we have accomplished. One of the things that we are very proud is the time and

And she said YES!

My wedding lovers I wanna share with you my happiness through this beautiful weekend. We had a lovely wedding celebrated last saturday at the Hotel Gran Meliá in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico extremely amazing, i will be posting it soon for all of you to enjoy them with us! But today, what i’m really posting

Surprise Proposal in the Making

Yesterday was such an amazing and spontaneous day at work! Me and the Eventus Team went to look for inspirations and embrace more ideas for a surprise proposal shooting by one of our photographers, José Ruiz Photography. I am so happy to be a part of this beautiful planning collaborating with him and this incredible girl

March, Love and Wedding Dresses

As we all know lace is always a big trend in Wedding Dresses, but this year is all about it and open backs. Here we got some beautiful designs on what’s new in fashion with wedding dresses for this year and specially in this season. Flowers are the greatest touch, even light peach colors are

Stoping the Glorification of Busyness

Today is one of those days where you feel really happy because you had a very productive day but your soul is telling you that your life needs change. This is what happened this week, like most of my days, I work extremely hard, I wake up at 5:30 am and finish my day at

Angie & Juan’s Engagement

This lovely and stunning couple got engaged in 2012 after being together 13 years! We are full with joy for sharing with you their story. They decided to make destination wedding here in Puerto Rico and had the privilege to planed their Wedding in 2013.  The love between this two beautiful people is completely pure, they’ve

DIY: Creative Christmas Wrapping with Style

Christmas it’s such a special and lovely time to share happiness with your love ones, what better way than doing it the simplest but fashion way! Here we made a christmas DIY wrapping shooting  with different patterns and ideas to let your mind go and make wonderful creations with style. Our mainly color for this