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Wedding Advise: Quick tips for the morning of your wedding

Hi my wedding lovers, As a bride you’ve got a million & one things on your mind and the morning OF your big day is probably not one of them. And why would it be? You have to worry about wedding budget, finding a new home, find the perfect dress, the perfect color palette and

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Destination Wedding

Hi My Wedding Lovers! Today we are so happy to start a new season of Eventus TV were you will find tips on how to plan your wedding and more. In this episode of Eventus TV we will be talking about Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Destination Wedding. If you want to know more

Top 5 Wedding Tips that Every Couple Should Know

Feeling like you’re grasping at straws and being left in the dark when it comes to planning your wedding? Don’t fret, as that’s how everyone feels the moment they begin planning their own wedding. Most brides will tell you that the stresses of planning a wedding can be intense, and many of them may end